San Miguel Increases Health Measures

San Miguel Increases Health Measures

The municipal government of San Miguel de Allende indicated an increase in COVID-19 cases due to the Day of the Dead celebrations. Mayor Luis Alberto Villareal explained that health measures relaxed within the municipality following the state epidemiological traffic light switch to yellow. 

According to Dr. Jorge Vidargas, director of Health Jurisdiction II, the COVID-19 infection rate has increased in the municipality, “We previously went from 400 to 500 cases within more than a month, now it takes less than 15 days to go from 500 to 600,” he said.

According to data from the State Health Department in San Miguel de Allende, from Oct. 15 to Nov. 4, 127 cases were reported. Dr. Vidargas points out that 99 percent of the municipality’s cases are San Miguel residents.

In San Miguel those who are infected most frequently are workers, housewives, and students. Dr. Vidargas mentions that it is a “problem of responsibility. Because there are a lot of clandestine parties, a lot of activities that should not be happening and a lot of contact among people.”

The director of Civil Protection, Josafat Enríquez, explained that because of the increase in cases, his department will verify that security measures are met in the municipality. 

Form Nov. 4, a bank, two OXXOS, 2 bars and a department store in the city have been closed for not following state health protocols. Josaphat warned that establishments that do not comply with the protocols will be fined and their “Health First” seals will be rescinded. 

Although coronavirus’ behavior during winter is unknown, Dr. Vidargas emphasized the importance of continued adherence to health measures: the use of masks, constant hand washing, use of antibacterial gel and, if possible, staying home.