Victor Hugo Perez and Beverly Moor at the Galería Intersección

Victor Hugo Perez and Beverly Moor at the Galería Intersección

By Margaret Failoni


Mexico’s outstanding exponent of outsider art, Víctor Hugo Pérez, once again brings to the Intersección Gallery a selection from his latest oeuvre with “Complicidades” (Complicities), in which he shares with us a series of the more intimate scenes of domestic bliss. Life with our pets and favorite foods are presented with the joy and simplicity of his over-the-top, expressionist, painterly techniques. He uses a fantastic color range with thick, passionate brush strokes, making the images ever more alive. An autodidact, he purposely uses his rough-around-the-edges draftsmanship to depict the non-pretty, sometimes violent episodes of life. His subject matter includes wrestlers and insects, with a play on words sometimes written on the paintings. Perez never sugar coats reality and that’s what many of his collectors admire in his work. This is an unusual, none-the-less strong series, thanks to his unwavering technique in painting unadorned reality. The artist works and resides in Guadalajara.


In “Construction/Deconstruction,” the American artist Beverly Moor debuts her exhibiting career with Intersección Gallery, presenting an exciting series of works on paper. The description ‘works on paper’ is really deceiving in the case of Moor’s work. Paper is at the origin of the main material she uses but after being ripped, soaked, painted, and God-only-knows what else she does to it, we are presented with solid, sturdy, bas-reliefs which, although technically can be called abstractions, leave no doubt to the content and meaning of the work. Moor has been inspired to create these pieces almost as a catharsis to what is happening in the world today. They are political, social, demanding, and touching, yet beautiful and in some cases decorative. Moor is not new to art. She has been collecting her entire life while traveling throughout the world before and after settling in San Miguel de Allende, where she now lives and works.

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