A look at Higher Education with Jóvenes Adelante, Part 2

A look at Higher Education with Jóvenes Adelante, Part 2

By Don Krim


Like every generation, young Mexicans hope to lead a better life than that of their parents.


Luis Fabian, a new graduate now working as the head of human resources at a local business, writes, “Being in Jóvenes Adelante for me has been incredible. I have met great people, both fellow students and friends [and] the entire work team that makes up the association. They gave me the opportunity to be an intern; they have accompanied me at all times directly or indirectly, with money, with moral support, with talks, with courses, with fun, challenges, emotions, and more. They have been a great support in my studies and personal and professional development, allowing me to expand my comfort zone and achieve things that years ago I could only imagine. Now I know that dreams are dreams until one decides to work on them and make them come true, that once we fulfill a dream we can dream more and bigger, knowing that our decisions and determination will allow us to achieve what we project and that everything depends on oneself; we are the ones who trace our history and we can go as far as we allow ourselves to. I am infinitely grateful for all that I have obtained thanks to Jóvenes Adelante, because with that family I have achieved great things.”


For a student in San Miguel, most likely with neither parent having reached even a high school level degree, socioeconomic advancement is no easy accomplishment. To reach a university degree requires a strong commitment and ambition, not only for the student but for the family as well. The loss of a young, healthy worker to contribute to the family in the short term needs to be partially or entirely sacrificed for a longer term vision; pressures especially on young women to begin a family must be put off; a lack of resources can simply stifle imagination and hopes.


Mexico maintains one of the most intractable gaps between the wealthy and the poor of any nation. In central Mexico the extremes of wealth and poverty are not as pronounced as in other parts of Mexico, but the portion of the working-age population that lacks even a high school degree, never mind a university degree, is low. The economic engine of the north and central Mexico needs educated workers of the future.


Coming up on our 20th anniversary, Jóvenes Adelante renews its core mission: to create opportunity for a generation of university students to emerge from their families, to elevate their socioeconomic status, but just as importantly, to explore and develop their own potential and desires.


Adjusting to the changing university environment, Jóvenes Adelante now supports certain online universities. Over the years the association’s support structure has evolved into the most robust, comprehensive higher education support program in Mexico. Scholarships open the door, but that is only the beginning. Day by day, step by step Jóvenes Adelante is there to do everything in its power to make sure our students succeed. 


To sponsor a 2021 student, or for more information please visit website jovenesadelante,org.