MY Chiquitinas

MY Chiquitinas

Wendy Ramírez is a young architect and visual artist from León, Guanajuato. She had previously exhibited her art work at CI Banco here in San Miguel de Allende, but her current exhibit is now at Café Santa Ana, located inside the Biblioteca. The exhibition is made up of 15 oil paintings and is called “Mis Chiquitinas.”


What the exhibit intends to highlight and pay tribute to, is the fight for women’s rights and the importance of women in society. Although women’s issues have been brought to the forefront in recent years, Wendy believes that there is a segment that is not properly recognized. She believes that we tend to forget about the most vulnerable and underserved women, and these are who she hopes to emphasize. The women who are not professionals and who do not hold bureaucratic positions, are the ones whose voices are seldom heard and whose influence is not as strongly felt. It is the women who sell fruits and flowers on the streets; women who have little or no say on social networks. And yet, Wendy believes that they are the ones who can be most happy because they have the time to watch sunsets, count stars, and continue to be dazzled by the great wonders of life.


The essence of Wendy’s exhibition of female consciousness which she hopes will be evident in her works. Although there are currently no plans for a particular opening event, the exhibit will be shown at Café Santa Ana from October to December.

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