Monarch Butterfly Migration to Pass Through San Miguel de Allende

Monarch Butterfly Migration to Pass Through San Miguel de Allende

Photo by National Geographic.


As usual every year, in October the municipality awaits a visit from the monarch butterfly, whose migratory route stretches from north to south of the American continent.


San Miguel de Allende is one of the 32 municipalities in Guanajuato the butterfly will cross in its journey, with an expected stay of two to three days. The Department of Environment and Sustainability invited the population to take action for the conservation of this butterfly.


The monarch butterfly takes refuge in large clusters of trees. In case one has a possible refuge for the butterfly, it is recommendable to include plants such as lavender, roses, laurel, sage, leucantha, tinkerbell, bengal light and melissa to help pollination. 


Avoiding bonfires and noise at high decibels is advisable, as it could affect monarchs.


The government of Guanajuato invited citizens to download the MonarcaMx application available for Android and iPhone. Through the application, users can register the passage of the monarch butterfly through the state, in addition to sharing real-time photos of the number and state of the butterflies, and accessing more information about this insect.


In 2019, the municipal president Luis Alberto Villareal signed “My Municipality with the Monarch” as an agreement to contribute to the protection and conservation of the monarch butterfly.


After passing through Guanajuato, the monarch butterfly is expected to continue its journey to the state of Michoacán where it will reside until March, when it continues its journey to the southernmost part of the American continent.


Source: Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende, “My Municipality with the Monarch”