David Mendoza Presents “Back to the Scene”

David Mendoza Presents “Back to the Scene”

By Sandi Roy


David Mendoza is one of San Miguel de Allende’s treasures. He is not just one of the best violin interpreters, but a very interesting composer as well.


English Grammy nominee Michael Hoppè (who has Mendoza as part of his shows around the country) praises Mendoza as … “Wonderfully expressive violin… One of the most beautiful sounds you can hear.”


Six years ago, when I first heard the music of Mendoza, I cried. My first experience with his playing—that gorgeous sound he makes with his violin—really spoke to my heart.
I was able to learn that he would be playing in the Jardín the following week. My husband and I walked to the Jardín and couldn’t find him, so we sat on the benches and thought, “Well, we will see him again, somewhere.” Then my husband said, “Listen,” and we heard it again—that heartfelt magical sound of Mendoza playing the violin. It was as if our souls led us to follow the sound of his beautiful violin. We became his devoted fans overnight!


Over the years, I have had the honor of becoming close friends with Mendoza—many meals, many shared times, many talks. We have enjoyed deep, thoughtful, spiritual, and insightful discussions. He has become family. Mendoza played an amazing concert in our restaurant in BC Canada, which allowed us to share and expose others to the magic that his music gives. It was as if the tall pine trees absorbed the healing sounds of his music, and the mountains reverberated.
His bravery in traveling Canada by himself astounds me. He touched the souls of people in his travels; even strangers would stand before him crying because his music spoke a universal language of the heart: a healing language, the language of love.


As I have gotten to know Mendoza, I am humbled by the greatness of his heart. He truly cares about all of life and all people and the well-being of every soul. He inherently understands the responsibility he carries as he recognizes and embraces his natural talent and the effect that his music has on others.


This time he is offering a gorgeous concert (accompanied by some of the best musicians in town) in the amazing garden of Casa de la Noche, back to the scene of March 2020 before the pandemic situation. He will play some of the most wonderful tunes from Astor Piazzolla and Ennio Morricone, as well as amazing tunes from acclaimed European composers like Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen, along with his own compositions.


If you are in San Miguel, you cannot miss the opportunity to listen to the acclaimed virtuoso and very well-loved violinist David Mendoza.


Sandi Roy: Jewelry artist from Toronto, based in British Columbia, Canada