Fetus Remains Found in Colonia Lindavista

Fetus Remains Found in Colonia Lindavista

On Sat., Oct. 3, residents of the Lindavista neighborhood in San Miguel de Allende found the remains of a decomposing fetus.


According to neighborhood residents, at 11:45 p.m. the head, trunk and arm of the fetus were found in a vacant lot on Geranio Street.


They pointed out that remains were found by dogs roaming the area, and upon realizing what the dogs had discovered, they notified the authorities.


Investigators withdrew from the scene early Sunday, however, on Monday a leg was found on the opposite side of the same street.


Forensic employees transferred the remains for analysis, to verify if the fetus was alive at the time it was abandoned in the vacant lot.


Although there is still no official version, neighbors and local news report that the fetus had a gestational age of 8 months.


The remains were found in a black bag that had been tossed in the vacant lot.  It was the dogs who removed the remains from the bag and brought them to the attention of neighborhood residents. 


The municipal government has not made any statements, and an official version will be determined based on the results of the forensic analysis.