Ratings and Announcements of Consecutive Elections

Ratings and Announcements of Consecutive Elections

Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal has told local media about his possible intention to run for another term in 2021. On September 21, during a by-invitation event at San Miguel de Allende’s Zeferino Park, Villareal presented his annual activity report, summarizing activities carried out under his administration. Atención spoke with some of the guests present at the event, at which the mayor’s brother, Federal Deputy Ricardo Villarreal, announced that he too will seek re-election. 


These were the questions we asked the guests: What has gone well, and what has gone wrong? What is left to do? How do you rate the mayor? 


Martha Sahagún de Fox, former first lady of Mexico: “I give the mayor a 10. The report is wonderful, with progress on all fronts, with great security, employment, public works, investment, and tourism. There is always something that needs to be done, but here they are unstoppable.”


Libia Denise García Muñoz Ledo, local congressperson, District V, León: “San Miguel is a municipality that has been an example of economic stimulus, order, and planning of the [entire] state. The work has been one of results, commitments. Things can always be done better with public service, but in San Miguel, there is direction, projects, planning. San Miguel advances with firm steps. For working men and women like Luis Alberto, there will always be opportunities; we will continue to see him working for the people.” 


Román Cifuentes, president of the State Committee of the National Action Party: “Today everyone turns to San Miguel. For those of us who know the city and Luis Alberto, we are happy, proud. He is accessible, sensitive to issues; the results are here. San Miguel grows, progresses. It is a market for the world. Its industry is growing. I’d give the mayor a rating of 10, although giving grades is unfair to other mayors who make a great effort. Each municipality has its complexities, but San Miguel is a 10. There is quality, tenacity, experience, disposition. I would support Luis Alberto for a consecutive election and also Ricardo. They are people who give back to communities and neighborhoods, companies, and civil society. They are first-class people. We speak of them as committed men. Although it is premature to speak of consecutive elections, in the case of Ricardo and Luis, they have all the political, moral, and social qualities to be reelected. It will be necessary to make evaluations, but they have the qualifications.”


Laura Torres, president of the San Miguel de Allende Tourism Board: 

“In infrastructure, the work is good. The results of the underpass remain to be seen. Good decisions have been made in tourism; there are investments—security in the destination. With the Food Bank, we have had help from the city council, the DIF, and other agencies to continue helping people throughout the municipality. From my perspective, not everything has been successful. There needs to be more work on the community’s social fabric; more work with young people. It is a debt that we need to start working on. It is not an easy issue, but it still needs to be done.”


Ricardo Villarreal García, Federal Deputy, District II: “I give the city a 10 and the city council a nine. San Miguel is a privileged city. Thanks to the work of the people of San Miguel, the city continues to grow and welcome tourists, and industry is solid. The city continues to strengthen despite the pandemic and the national economy. We see work such as the underpass and Zeferino Park. We continue with a city that, thanks to everyone’s work, lives in peace and tranquility, and its development will be different from the rest of the country. Ever since [being in] Congress, I have been working for Mexico and for my city.


Today, San Miguel needs the unity of all Sanmiguelenses, more employment, tourism, development, quality of life. In spite of these needs, we must be grateful for having one of the best qualities of life in the country. We want everyone to live better; this will be through economic growth and development. If things are done well, you have to move on. I will surely be reelected. Whatever the party says, I will work for Mexico from wherever I am. Mexico requires brave leaders who fight the disaster we are experiencing—the worst crisis since 1932. This year the GDP will fall more than 10 points. We are the fourth country with the most deaths from the Coronavirus; the handling of the pandemic is terrible. We live in a country with insecurity—almost 100 homicides a day. People must go out to vote in 2021 so that the president loses the majority in congress, where the deputies of his party are only going to raise their hands [agree with him]. They don’t care about the interests of the country but [follow] the whims of the president—a president who wants refineries when [we should be] looking for renewable fuels; an airport in a place where it is not viable and where there has been an 85 percent of the country’s flights; a train destroying the jungle, when trains are no longer being built in the jungle or even the world, particularly during the crisis. He must find a way to reactivate the economy.”


Juan José Álvarez Brunel, Secretary of Tourism, Guanajuato: “The mayor is clear about his objective of safeguarding health to provide tourism services. The measures the municipality has taken along with the state have allowed San Miguel to have an international presence. Everything can be perfected, and the council will surely do its work. We are here to offer support. From the Offices of Tourism Development, we have worked hard, and we have been able to work with all municipalities. We want to send a message to travelers who want to come to visit us—know that here we take good care of ourselves, and we are ready to take care of them. We once again share the pride of what we have inherited and built. Monitoring of tourism indicates that in recent months there has been an upswing in international tourism. Flights are continuous. There are restrictions for intercontinental flights, but we are already receiving tourism from the Americas.”