Why do the single gentlemen not make any effort to dress up?

Why do the single gentlemen not make any effort to dress up?

Dear Tia Maria Sue,


I have been living in San Miguel for several years now and have noticed something I wanted to ask about. Why do the single gentlemen not make any effort to dress up? I don’t mean everyday of course but when meeting a lady friend for dinner one would think they would make an effort. Am I expecting too much and bringing my preconceived expat ideas with me, or worse yet am I a snob? It just seems a little disappointing that I should try to look my best for an evening out and the gentlemen I meet don’t try at all.



I’m no Coco but he sure isn’t Ralph


Dear No Coco….


Oh honey I hear you! It’s so disheartening to be sitting there talking to a nice man and when he gets up you see socks and sandals. Talking about a let down… .  Do they dress this way because there isn’t a woman to help them? Is it because they figure the women outnumber the men 2 to 1 and they don’t have to try?  


I have noticed that if a man is well dressed in San Miguel he is either in a relationship and she picks out the clothes or they are artists (I mean look at Edward Swift with a juanty scarf or Richard and Anado mixing and matching paisleys!) There are the non-artists too … why dear Steve Woods may he rest in peace, may have always worn black…but he had that artistic air about him…he had style! And I have seen Fred Ellis around town with a very stylish hat…I always thought he had that Indiana Jones look… .


I am sure most of our gentlemen friends would like to step it up a bit but don’t know where to begin. I think some are still wearing the clothes their ex-wifes bought them in 1997.  Maybe we should forgive them and look past it. As long as the personal grooming is maintained you can work on the clothes. It could be your project! Give up that oil painting and become a stylist to SMA gentlemen!


And I don’t think you are a snob dear…. You put in the effort so you should expect them to  as well…. and I don’t think you are bringing down your expat expectations either, just expectations that we should all care about how we look.


If men would at least try to be like our avian friends… a little more colorful.


I’m not judging, I’m just saying.