Deeds are delivered to 92 families from San Miguel de Allende

Deeds are delivered to 92 families from San Miguel de Allende

On September 17 of this year, the Institute for Security in Land Tenure together with mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal benefited 92 families from the Bocas and Rancho Nuevo Villa communities, as well as the first to the first, fourth and sixth sections from the Los Laureles neighborhood and the Pedro Moreno annex.


Through the federal program Regularization of Human Settlements, families were able to consolidate their assets.


According to data from the municipal government, this is the third installment in conjunction with the Institute during the 2018-2021 administration; so far 324 deeds have been delivered.


As an agreement between the state and municipal governments, the beneficiaries paid 2 thousand pesos, for the delivery of the deeds each family.


Municipal President Luis Alberto Villareal commented, “You do not know how good it feels to reach this point and to be able to fulfill the dream, the hope and the trust that you have placed in the municipal government and, in the state government,”


Also, the president assured that more than 4 thousand 50 properties have been handed over in the last 5 years that benefit 4 thousand 50 families.


President Villareal also thanked the beneficiary families for their patience, for “not giving up” and assured that in San Miguel de Allende it is “unstoppable like its people.”


For her part, on behalf of the state government, the director of Human Settlement Regularization, Lourdes Juárez, assured that in San Miguel de Allende “there is a will of a leader, in the current administration,” in addition to emphasizing the importance of the cooperation of each municipality for state government assistance.


“If the municipal authority does not agree to sign a collaboration agreement with the state, it is difficult to intervene, because each municipality has its autonomy, however, thanks to all the members of the municipal commission, we were able to achieve it, he concluded.


Source: Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende