Europe and China students return to school

Europe and China students return to school

With various security measures, in the classrooms of countries such as Spain, France, England and China the students returned to class.


In Spain, the first institution that has started the school year in person is the “American School of Barcelona”, parents say they feel safe with the measures that the Spanish school has adopted.


In addition to taking the temperature and giving antibacterial gel at the entrance of the school, the students have been divided; On Tuesday the students from preschool to elementary begin, on Wednesday the students from secondary school (ESO) and high school will begin.


The school also implemented the use of colored bracelets that serve as identification of students by grade, with this, teachers can identify their students and prevent them from mixing, avoiding “bubble groups”.


In the school cafeteria, students will have a designated place, in order to avoid crowds.


In France, Prime Minister Jean Castex shared a video on social networks showing himself supervising the country’s return to school. “We need to learn to live with the virus, even at school,” Minister Castex pointed out.


Schools in England and Wales will be open on Tuesday, September 1 of this present, the England department of education announced that a system of controls will be implemented for students in order to control the virus.


Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson commented, “I know how important it is for children to go back to school, not just for education, but for their development and well-being.”


In Wuhan China, more than 2000 schools will start the school year with restrictions in common areas, as well as security measures, schools will not wear masks.


Wuhan has not registered infections in the country for a month and a half, “Wuhan, the city most affected by Covid-19 in China, is now the safest city in the country.” Feng Zijian, deputy director of the center for disease control and prevention in China, said.


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