The UNAM Olympic Stadium hosted the 2020-2021 admission exam

The UNAM Olympic Stadium hosted the 2020-2021 admission exam

The tribunes of the mythical stadium received the thousands of applicants to the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).


On Wednesday, August 19 of this year, the UNAM held the first date of application of the bachelor’s admission exams, within the 25 venues that were enabled for the thousands of applicants, the University Olympic Stadium stood out.


UNAM reported that sanitation and hygiene work was carried out in the different venues, taking into account the security and hygiene measures of the Government of Mexico City.


Measurements were made the same in all venues; Upon arrival of the applicant, the temperature was taken, the use of face masks was mandatory and antibacterial gel was provided.


The results of the tests will be published on Monday, September 21, as reported by the highest house of studies in Mexico.


According to data from the UNAM, the arrival of approximately 82 thousand applicants between locals and foreigners looking for a place at the higher level of the university was expected.


Previously, the UNAM carried out admission exams in other sports venues, such is the case of the Azteca Stadium, which hosted the entrance exams from 1969 to 1987, for the upper and upper secondary levels.


Due to the pandemic and the epidemiological traffic light, UNAM invited applicants to go to the sports venue alone, this in order to avoid crowds in the stadium facilities.


The University Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 72 thousand people, with this it is planned to give rise to a healthy distance in the entrance exams.


In Brazil, the famous Maracanã stadium housed the admission tests for applicants to the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.


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