Art in times of Coronavirus

Art in times of Coronavirus

“Art allows us to bring out what we have inside.” Daniel Martínez Carrillo or “Persak” is an artist from Mexico City, who came to San Miguel de Allende with a message of conscience and art.

The murals show three world famous people: Vincent Van Gogh, La Gioconda or better known as the Mona Lisa and Frida Kahlo, the three are wearing masks since it symbolizes the need to use it in times of quarantine.

The artist worked for 4 days in the Las Cuevitas and San Antonio neighborhoods, embellishing the walls and leaving a message of conscience.

The project was approved by the Culture and Traditions Department and the artist agreed to create 3 murals that raise awareness about the use of mouth covers as a security measure in the municipality.

In the municipality, the use of face masks as a preventive measure in public spaces is mandatory since last May 1st.

Young volunteers from San Miguel from the neighborhoods where the murals were made participated in the murals, according to Persak, muralism and urban art is a cultural expression.

The Murals can be found on 28 de abril in the San Antonio neighborhood and in calle Purísima in Las Cuevitas.

In an interview for Atención, Persak said that in the face of the situation experienced by covid-19, art has been seen in a form of “sentimental expression”, in addition to the fact that “art helps to express what you carry inside”.

Persak transmits his passion for art since he was 7 years old, he started in art painting graffiti and using Street-art techniques, he has a degree in Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM.

You can see more of his works and the process of making them on his social networks; IG: Persak_ art, FB: Persak art, YT: Persak graff.