Bomb threat scare near CERESO proved to be false

Bomb threat scare near CERESO proved to be false

On the afternoon of Tuesday, August 11, municipal authorities received a report about a possible bomb threat in the municipal courts.

Quickly state, federal and municipal authorities went to the place, near the CERESO, where the civic protection department, evacuated the people that were at the municipal court facilities and buildings near the area. They also blocked traffic in the Boulevard de la Conspiración. The local government released a statement in which it was recommended to use alternate routes to enter and exit the city.

After 2 and a half hours of investigation, the municipal authorities together with the Secretary of Public Security determined that the report for a possible explosive device was false, the authorities leave the place and proceed to open the way to the boulevard.

The mayor of San Miguel de Allende, Luis Alberto Villareal asked the population to make correct use of the 911 emergency line.

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