Catastrophe in the port of Beirut, Lebanon

Catastrophe in the port of Beirut, Lebanon

During the course of the day, a huge explosion occurred in the main port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Several images of the immensity of the explosion are circulating through social networks.


Local citizens were affected by the explosion, broken windows, and false ceilings falling miles from the center of the explosion, damaging property around the port.


Beirut local press reports that explosives were stored in the port, although the official cause of the explosion is still unknown.


Both the Beirut fire team and the Lebanese red cross rushed to the scene to put out the blaze caused by the blast, evict and care for the civilians who were affected by the blast, there is no official number of injuries yet.


Lebanon’s health minister ordered hospitals to be prepared for the arrival of injuries from the blast.


The Mexican embassy in Lebanon declared itself safe after the explosion and invited those affected to offer them help and protection.


Sources: CNN Portal, Oficial Account of Mexican Consulate in Libano @EmbaMexLb