“Adopt” a Cat or Dog with a Click on Your Computer

“Adopt” a Cat or Dog with a Click on Your Computer

By Megan Gabel


For those of you who love animals but can’t adopt or are not too excited about venturing out to the SPA because of the coronavirus, how about becoming a virtual pet owner? The Adopt Me! pages on our website (www.spasanmiguel.org) give you the opportunity to take certain cats like Martin and his girlfriend Taiwan, and dogs like Susie under your wing and bring them virtually into your home—no muss, no fuss!


Taiwan, a sleek, petite, all-black, short-haired beauty, arrived at the SPA in January 2016, only 2 months old, and there she met the love of her life, Martin. She is quite shy and shuns interaction with people unless treats are involved or she is side-by-side boyfriend Martin, who has been at the SPA since 2009. She and Martin are inseparable. They eat, sleep, play together, and protect each other from potential dangers. They make a lovely couple, both quite happy to be in their forever home together at the SPA.


Susie, an SPA resident since 2011, deserves the Mother of the Year award. While she doesn’t particularly like adult dogs or unfamiliar people, she looks after our younger dogs from around six months to a year old. She’s smart and astute. When she knows you, she’s a devoted, protective, and loving dog.


Virtually adopt Martin, Taiwan, Susie, or another pet in the program for only US$20 per month, and we’ll give you regular updates about your chosen virtual pet. It’s a great way to become part of the SPA experience.