Tourists Detained in San Miguel de Allende for Not Using Maks

Tourists Detained in San Miguel de Allende for Not Using Maks

Newsletter By The Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende


Elements of the Ministry of Public Security refer a man and a woman to the separators, for contempt of authority, because they refuse to put on the mask in public streets.


Since May 1, in San Miguel de Allende, it has been obligatory to wear a mask on public streets, establishments and urban transport. The Municipal Police Department notes that there will be warnings, arrests for up to 36 hours and/or fines that will reach, depending on the fault, 100 times the daily value of the Updating Measurement Unit (UMA).


This Saturday, at 10:28 p.m., elements of the Police Station, assigned to the Secretary of Public Security, in their surveillance and prevention tour in Insurgente and Relox streets, detected three people who were not wearing mask; as they approached, the police observed the measure.


One of the three walkers, from Querétaro, complied with the recommendation, while Victor “G” and Paulina “H” were reluctant to follow the instructions and were sent to preventive detention for administrative offences. They were placed in custody for 12 hours and fined 1,500 pesos.


The Municipal Party, in its section Nine, states that in accordance with article 419 of the General Health Law and article 294 of the Health Law for the State of Guanajuato, a fine of up to one hundred times the daily value of the Unit of Measurement and Updating (UMA) will be imposed for the violation of the provisions of this Party. (UMA = 86.88 pesos)


And the Twelfth: In accordance with article 427 of the General Health Law, a person who refuses to comply with the requirements and provisions of the health authority, thereby causing a danger to the health of persons, will be sanctioned with an ARREST FOR UP TO THIRTY-SIX HOURS.