Online Courses:

Online Courses:

“Great Courses Online Plus” is another site at which you can find many online courses as it advocates that people should “never stop learning.” There is a charge for the courses, but you are given a 14 day free trial to see if you are truly interested in them.


You could start with “Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavior,” in which you will be presented with the particular patients of Dr. Satterfield—Carol, Michael, and Maria. All of them highlight behavior in their lives which can be helped with cognitive behavior therapy. You will follow these patients’ development through the course and learn the basics of this particular therapy. Part of the learning process is understanding how you can train yourself to improve motivation, management of emotions, and personal interactions.


“Fundamentals of Photography” is an in-depth interactive tutorial showing you how to take better photos, led by Mr. Sartore, a well-recognized National Geographic photographer. How do you create an iconic image? What are the three elements needed in an old photograph to make it stand out? These are the two main questions that form the nucleus of this introductory course. You will discover that a great image does not depend on the equipment used; it has more to do with being able to see your surroundings and to think about them in a critical manner.


“Introduction to Astrophysics” is an interesting course in which you will be given the tools to understand the difference between astronomy and astrophysics. You will then study the vast range of scales in astrophysics—from nanometers to gigaparsecs, from individual photons to the radiation of trillions of suns. Get the big picture in a breathtaking series of exponential jumps—zooming from Earth, past the planets, stars, galaxies, and finally taking in countless clusters of galaxies.

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