Locos Parade 2020 Cancelled

On June 2, 2020, through a Facebook broadcast, the Parish of San Antonio de Padua. the representatives of the Locos People’s Parade and the Director of Culture and Traditions announced the measures they took in response to the emergency by COVID 19 and the preventive measures recommended by health authorities among which is the cancellation of the traditional 2020 Locos Parade.

The parish priest added that there will also be no external festivities such as musical events and the fair. Only the ecclesiastical and Eucharistic celebrations will take place behind closed doors and the pilgrimages will be carried out in a different way, with Saint Anthony of Padua as a Pilgrim leaving the parish to visit the communities.

The entrance of the Pascualitos and the payment of orders on June 13 were also canceled. He also informed that the raffle will take place on June 28th behind closed doors and the winners will be announced through social networks and the media. He clarified that the closed-door events are not open to the public but will be broadcast on the Internet.

It was highlighted that the official information regarding the San Antonio festivity will be provided by the San Antonio Parish, the leaders of the Cuadros de Locos, and the Culture and Traditions Department.