Lawyer Killed After Release Hearing for the Mother Of “El Marro”

Lawyer Killed After Release Hearing for the Mother Of “El Marro”

One of María ‘N”s lawyers, identified as José Antonio Yépez’s mother, El Marro, died hours after the judge granted her release on Saturday, sources close to the case said. They explained that the lawyers were circulating in a caravan when they were held in a security filter by police from the municipality of Silao.


They explained that after the hearing in Puentecillas in which María Eva ‘N’ was released, the lawyer was chased and attacked by armed men, which caused him to overturn his vehicle and die. After the accident, the Irapuato Police reported the death of a hitherto unidentified man who died according to preliminary reports from a chase between a vehicle that was carrying out detonations against a red Volkswagen, which caused the vehicle to run off the road and overturn, leaving inside the body of a person, who is allegedly the defence lawyer.


The incident occurred at the height of the Querétaro-León highway, Irapuato-León section, at the height of the CRIT. Municipal police officers who went to the accident report and found an overturned car on the site and inside the driver’s seat the body of a person, who had head injuries from a bullet fired from a firearm. It was assured that during the course of the day the group of defenders of the family of José Antonio Yépez will issue a statement on the matter.


Information and photo by Milenio Digial

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