Local Legislator Soto Opposes Discrimination

Local Legislator Soto Opposes Discrimination

Local Deputy Katya Soto states: “As a legislator, I am not in favor of discrimination. I respect preferences. I am committed to CONAPRED (National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination) not disappearing, and that it becomes stronger in Guanajuato. It’s what I can offer. To people with a different sexual orientation, I want to say that we respect your rights. Whoever wants to get married must have a protected means to do that.” 


Love wins in June

On June 28, sexual diversity is celebrated around the world. There is hope that on this day politicians and social activists will be motivated to monitor and eradicate discrimination, exclusion, sexism, and racism against people of different sexual orientation.


In 2010 Mexico City recognized marriage between equals in the Civil Code. Since then, 19 states have also done so—but not Guanajuato. However, homosexual couples are protected because in June 2015, the Supreme Court issued a judgment (43/2015) stating that marriage between equals is constitutional. This means that all applicants should be able to marry if they refer to the 2015 judgment. Anyone can get married, but they must go through the legal protection process which, according to Sol Araiza (one of our interviewees) is a simple process.


Previously Atencion spoke with local deputies of the PRI, Institutional Revolutionary Party, and PRD, Party of the Democratic Revolution, political parties. They claimed to accept and support sexual diversity during the official interview. However, when the recorder was turned off, they spoke sincerely and said that on this issue the majority of lawmakers does not agree. If their true position were known, they could lose not only the support of the church, but also the Catholic vote. One politician stated that in politics, the PAN, National Action Party, “is where there are the most homosexuals [members].” 


Catholic Guanajuatans and “mochos” (ultra religious Catholics) have held a majority in Congress through the PAN for the past 26 years. Until minority parties like the PRD, which promotes equal marriage come to power, and PAN loses seats in Congress, there will be no change. Elections are in July 2021.


Since PAN has a majority, Atencion spoke to its local deputy for San Miguel de Allende and Apaseo el Grande, Katya Soto. Regarding sexual diversity and marriage between equals, the deputy said that the party respects people as men or women, and that [sexual] preference is not relevant to the laws. “Regardless of preferences we respect human beings. The National Action Party (PAN) guarantees respect for others with laws that are made for men and women,” Soto told us, and added, “We are all equal, we have the same rights and opportunities. Our rights must be guaranteed.”


We asked whether the laws are made for human beings, “and we are all equal,” why deny homosexuals the right to marry?


“As part of Congress we have a vision of respect for men and women. Understanding the issue without showing preference is what we guarantee, support, and promote so that men and women are respected,” stressed the legislator.


On whether the state should approve [homosexual] marriage, the deputy indicated that “we need to agree in Congress, between parties, and be clear. When the subject is brought up, it is not clearly stated. Party ideologies separate us. I know we are on the right track.” She also stated that in the future the issue should be taken up and how to legislate should be examined in light of the times. Given the President of the Republic’s comments on the elimination of CONAPRED, the congresswoman promised to fight so that it does not disappear in Guanajuato.