Online Courses: Future Learn

Online Courses: Future Learn

Searching on the internet, I found more free and interesting courses for English speakers on It’s a safe web page with many courses that you can access. The following are the web pages that I found most interesting. 


“Introduction to Anatomy: Learning the Anatomical Alphabet”: This is a good introductory course in human anatomy. Since we are all confined within the space of our bodies, this course offers a valuable understanding of who we are anatomically. Such knowledge helps us understand the essential functions of our bodies and is fundamental in any health care profession.


“Agriculture, Economy, and Nature”: This is one of the newly added courses. It gives an excellent insight into how agriculture and economy are bound together since decisions made in one discipline affect the other, not only on an individual level, but also on the macro scale. Governments need the economic data in order to make political decisions that affect communities. In this course, you will explore key economic principles that will help you understand the changes produced by agriculture. It will also explain how changes in agriculture have affected the economy. The course covers the methodology of agricultural production, the different supply levels, preservation of resources, and sustainable agriculture. 

Innovative modes of thinking can impact and improve the economy.


“Introduction to Psychology: Biological Psychology”: In this course you will learn about the link between behavior and human biology and how genes and the environment influence our behavior. It will examine the role of genetics, inheritance, genetic deficiencies, the functions of the nervous system, and the brain. You will also investigate the role of neurotransmitters and hereditary illnesses. At the end of the course, you will have a better perspective and gain a unique insight into biological psychology and the connection between the psyche and the body.