Eros and the Coronavirus

Eros and the Coronavirus

By Jayn Corral


In life we plan, prepare, and make choices and decisions. However, we never can be certain things will work out the way we think they should. Our lives and the world we once knew pre-coronavirus are unprecedentedly different now. New habits, restrictions, and rules govern. Even under these circumstances we must do our best to do the right thing for our furry family members.


As we try to adapt and cope with this new reality, we are frequently forced to make difficult, heart-breaking decisions. Just ask Eros. Neither Eros nor his family contracted the coronavirus. Yet, like millions of families around the world, the virus has turned their lives upside down in unforeseen, unfathomable ways. One day Eros, a wonderful, handsome, 1-1/2-year-old cat, was blessed with a loving family; the next day he found himself in a shelter. It’s fortunate that we had the space to take him in. We’ll try to help him cope with his loss by caring for him, loving him, and helping him make new friends (feline, like Piper, and human as well). But for him, as with many of us, life could not be more different or uncertain.


Eros is a big orange and white cat with a heart of gold. Named for the Greek god of love, it is the most appropriate name. He was loved by his family and gave his love to them in return. He is one of the best cats I have ever met. He belongs in a family. Because of a twist of fate, he now needs to find a new one. With his background he’s ready to blend in, receive, and give love. 


In the meantime, Eros and all the SPA cats and dogs will benefit from your donation to the SPA’s Pet Food Money Bank fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $250,000 pesos (about US$13,500). Not only will 100 percent of your donation apply to the annual cost of feeding our resident cats and dogs (about 100 in all), but for each donation to the Pet Food Money Bank through June 30, up to a total of US$3,500 will be matched by an anonymous donation to SPA’s Dogs to DC program. To date, this project has resulted in 16 adoptions of SPA dogs in the States and has the additional benefit of creating space at the SPA to save more dogs! For more details please see or write


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