Soil Restoration will Help the Groundwater System

Soil Restoration will Help the Groundwater System

Agave, pirul–pepper trees, mesquite, and other species are being planted in the rural communities of Doña Juana, Corral de Piedras, Soasnabar, Puerto de Nieto, Los Torres, El Salitre, and Agustín González.

This month San Miguel de Allende officials assure that 750 hectareas (close to 1700 acres) are being reforested with native species, and that the people performing the work are part of the program of temporary employment. Some of the temporary workers are residents of the communities benefiting from the program, and they receive 1,200 pesos a week as part of the economic support that the government is providing to those who have lost their jobs.

The work also features the planting of several species of trees on the banks of the Cachinches Stream. The director of the Department of Ecology and Sustainability—Francisco Peyret—said that the project being completed at the stream is part of the Year of the Ecology Program that was launched this year and is aimed at restoring the soil and bringing benefits to the groundwater system.

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