Hats Off to Güera

Hats Off to Güera

By Megan Gabel

On December 29, 2009, Güera arrived at the SPA. Her age was guessed at 2 years old, but we now think she was a couple of years older. She was a love, gazing at you with kind, gentle, and vulnerable eyes. She had a funny habit of running around in circles to get your attention and, when she had it, she started jumping straight up in excitement. She’d happily sit, and if that was not enough, lie down so you could put a leash on her. She eagerly ventured out for a walk at a steady clip, one of our easiest dogs to walk. Sometimes afraid to meet someone new, she was a volunteer favorite, but did not do well on an adoption interview. In fact, she would hide in her tinaco instead of coming out to give people a chance to get to know her and possibly decide to let her become part of their family.

Past tense. Güera died on April 23, 2020. Eleven years at the SPA. For the last few years on a special renal diet due to kidney failure. Never considered by others for adoption. Loved and treasured by SPA volunteers and employees who later joined together to honor her and spread her ashes in the dog exercise area that she played in every day.

When cats and dogs are taken into the SPA, they are given the best care and love possible until they are adopted into their forever families, no matter how long it takes, if at all. Güera exemplifies the SPA’s commitment to the animals we oversee.

Please help us provide food for all our animals by donating to the SPA’s Pet Food Money Bank. Because animals do not adjust well to changes in diet and we lack sufficient storage space, we need to raise money to apply to the annual cost of feeding them the food they are accustomed to eating, rather than seek donations of food. This includes specialty food like the kind Güera was on as are others who require a special diet because they are very young or develop health issues or are aging and need extra help. We do not receive any government support and rely upon your donations as our only source of income to cover this basic expense. Not only will 100% of your donation apply to the annual cost of feeding our resident cats and dogs, but each donation to our Pet Food Money Bank through May 31 up to a total of $3,000 USD will be matched by an anonymous donation to SPA Dogs to DC which, since 2019, has resulted in adoptions of 16 SPA dogs in the States. For more information, please see www.spasanmiguel.org/pet-food-money-bank, call 415 152 6124, or write info@spasanmiguel.org