Matching Donation Offer Benefits SPA and SPA Dogs to DC

Matching Donation Offer Benefits SPA and SPA Dogs to DC

By Megan Gabel

This is the special matching offer: Not only will 100 percent of your donation apply to the annual cost of feeding our resident cats and dogs, but each donation to our Pet Food Money Bank through May 31, up to a total of US$3,000, will be matched by an anonymous donation to SPA Dogs to DC. Let me tell you about SPA Dogs to DC!

In 2018, dog adoptions at the SPA decreased dramatically. Our cages were overflowing with dogs, so much so, that we exploded into our reserved isolation cages for our regular resident dogs. In 2019, the SPA and our wonderful volunteer Tammy Belden partnered in a project called SPA Dogs to DC to work towards resolving this situation by transporting SPA dogs to the States to find homes that were unavailable here.

When Belden took her first load of five SPA dogs to DC in April 2019, we were able to move dogs from isolation into regular cages so that we and our volunteers could easily interact with them and they could be exposed to the public. After the second 2019 trip in August, we were finally able to take in dogs from our waiting list. It was the first time in more than a year we had been able to take in more animals. We then turned our focus to include dogs likely doomed to die at Ecología, San Miguel’s kill pound. In recent months, we have saved 10 dogs from certain death, and 7 of them have already been adopted.

So far, SPA Dogs to DC has resulted in 16 adoptions of SPA dogs in the States. Macarena, Mia, Tigi, Gigi, Isabella, Cocoa, Holly, Skye, Fresa, Simba, Maple, Snowflake, Mocha, Latte, Stella, and Dipper are in loving homes thanks to the joint efforts of the SPA and Belden, our relentless volunteer.

In the last two trips, thanks to the sponsorship of SPA volunteer Teenie Gibson, SPA puppies Honey, Sparkle, Abby, and Sophie hitched a ride with Gibson to the border. Their ultimate destination was a Canadian shelter. In each instance, the puppies were rapidly adopted and moved from the Canadian shelter’s foster situation to permanent loving homes.

At least five more dogs, some of them long-term residents, are on the list for the next trip, as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

Providing support for SPA Dogs to DC is a win-win situation for all involved. SPA dogs end up in wonderful homes in the US, thanks to Belden’s perseverance and skill in rooting out the best home for each dog. As space opens, the SPA is able to save more dogs, provide food, care, medical attention, and love to them as they wait for their forever homes either in San Miguel or in the States. All animals coming into the SPA are tested, vaccinated, and sterilized so that healthy animals are then available for adoption. The cycle will continue as the project goes on.

Please see our website for how to donate or write (call 415-152-6124) for more information.