Eyes and Ears Are on May 18

By Jesús Aguado

On May 9, the State Secretariat of Public Health modified the data on persons in San Miguel sick with COVID-19. He assured that four of the last patients who had contracted the disease have recovered. For that reason, at least based on the registered numbers, San Miguel recorded no patients with the virus.

Some residents received the information with incredulity while others stayed home in fear. In Palo Colorado, where a patient was diagnosed as positive the day before and then recovered, people went out on the streets.

The Public Relations Department of the Health Secretariat told Attention that none of those who tested positive in San Miguel had required hospitalization since the cases were not that complicated. They also remarked that when it was published, all the patients had recovered. “Since every case is different, some can recover more quickly than others,” they said.

The local government had issued new restrictions just days before for the weekend of Mother’s Day weekend, such as the prohibition of alcohol sale, private parties, and permits to street vendors for selling flowers and presents for moms on May 9 and 10. This was immediately followed up with a press release asking sanmiguelenses to take the pandemic seriously and to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. However, some serenades, and private parties took place. Also, some people took advantage of the situation and sold a 24-pack of beer for 500 pesos or more. The regular price is less than 250 pesos.


“In San Miguel, all of us are performing a good job. Let`s keep working on the restrictions issued since we are proving that San Miguel will make it. Here we are!” said Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal García.

Expectations are for the upcoming announcement on May 18, the day when the federation will decree which cities, regions, or states (with zero or low cases of COVID-19) can restart the nonessential activities gradually.

Hugo López-Gatell Ramíirez, subsecretary of prevention and promotion of health in the federation, has assured that the pandemic will last more in some states than in others, and every case will be treated differently.