Special Bonus Matching Offer Kicks Off SPA’s Pet Food Money Bank Fundraiser

Special Bonus Matching Offer Kicks Off SPA’s Pet Food Money Bank Fundraiser

By Megan Gabel

The SPA’s annual Pet Food Money Bank Fundraiser has a special bonus offer! Not only will 100 percent of your donation apply to the annual cost of feeding our resident cats and dogs, but each donation to the Pet Food Money Bank through May 31, up to a total of US$3,000, will be matched by an anonymous donation to SPA Dogs to DC—a program that takes animals for adoption to the US.  This will have the double benefit of creating space at the SPA to save more dogs!

The SPA, San Miguel de Allende’s only no-kill shelter for dogs and cats, houses a combined average of 100 animals and often has more animals placed in foster homes. We provide shelter, care (vaccinations, sterilization, medical care), and food for the dogs and cats until they become family companions—no matter how long it takes. Last year, almost 100 dogs and cats were adopted through our organization.

The goal of this year’s Pet Food Money Bank is to raise $250,000 pesos (about US$13,500), 100 percent of which will be applied to the annual cost of feeding pets-to-be like Nadia and Seattle. Please help us with this basic expense by making a monetary deposit to our Pet Food Money Bank. We rely solely on financial donations to survive, receive no government support and need help from our supporters.

In 2019, the SPA and our wonderful volunteer, Tammy Belden, partnered on a project called “SPA Dogs to DC.” Because of the dramatic decrease in dog adoptions here, funds were raised so that Tammy could take 5 dogs (or more), twice a year from San Miguel to Washington DC for adoption. So far, she has transported 16 SPA dogs to the States and found homes for all of them–an amazing success! Because of this project, the SPA has been able to take in dogs from our waiting list and has expanded our intakes to include dogs likely doomed to die at Ecologia, San Miguel’s kill pound (10 dogs to date). Seven of them have been adopted so far.

You can donate to the SPA’s Pet Food Money Bank by: (1) Mexican or US check to “Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.” or (2) US check to “San Miguel Community Foundation” (for a US tax receipt, mark for SPA). Your check may be dropped off at the SPA, Los Pinos #7, 152 6124 or at any La Conexion location (mark envelope “SPA, PMB 18”). You may also mail your check to: Sociedad Protectora de Animales (SPA), Los Pinos #7, Col Lindavista, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, 37736, Mexico; or SPA, PMB No. 18, 220 N Zapata Hwy No 11, Laredo, Texas 78043-4464 USA. Cash donations should be made at our office only (Los Pinos 7). PayPal donations may be made online at www.spasanmiguel.org/pet-food-money-bank or by clicking the “Shop Now” button on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/spasanmiguel.

Questions? Call 415 152 6124 or write info@spasanmiguel.org. Please don’t delay; deposit funds today! We need and appreciate your help. Thank you!