How to Use Your Face Mask Correctly

How to Use Your Face Mask Correctly

On April 30 the City Council of San Miguel de Allende voted to make an official decree that the use of face masks, intended to help to stop the spread of COVID-19, is obligatory in all public spaces, on public transportation, in the streets, at businesses, and in government buildings.

These are the steps recommended by the health authorities for the use of face masks:

–If you receive a cloth face mask, remember that it has touched other hands and it should           be considered contaminated. Wash it with soap and water and dry it before use.

–Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or clean them with an antibacterial gel before placing the mask on your face.

–Make sure that the mask covers your nose and mouth closely so that there are no open spaces between the mask and your face.

–Once you have your mask on, avoid touching it and if you must do so, wash your hands.

–To remove your mask grasp the ties only and avoid touching your face. If the mask is disposable, place it in a small bag and discard it after use. If it’s made of cloth, launder it after use.

Protección Civil (Civil Protection) recommends separating a discarded mask from other trash and labeling it so that trash collectors avoid direct contact with it.

The requirement for using face masks in public does not override the decree of Stay at Home. The stay at home rule remains in effect and one should only go out for essential activities until the end of May.