Feed the Hungry’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis

Feed the Hungry’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis

By Donna Fullerton

Feed the Hungry San Miguel has been deemed an essential business that will continue operating to help prevent starvation in the communities that currently depend on us for nutritional support. Because schools are closed, the children we serve school lunches to are no longer receiving this much-needed healthy meal. Malnourished people are less resistant to the highly contagious virus, risking a much greater health crisis in these communities. “Under the current conditions, we feel morally compelled to feed not only the children we normally care for, but also their families,” asserts Al Kocourek, President of Feed the Hungry San Miguel.

To respond to this crisis, Feed the Hungry has re-tooled operations to package and distribute 105,600 pounds (nearly 53 tons) of food every two weeks to as many as 4,000 families who are struggling during this pandemic. Each package provides a two-week supply of nutritionally balanced grains, plant proteins, and milk for a family of five, as well as cloro and powdered soap. FTH staff and eight city workers who pack and deliver the supplies are equipped with masks, face shields, gloves, and disinfectant.

Without exaggeration, this is a monumental task. The city is providing significant help, facilitating the coordination of packers, drivers, and transportation equipment to provide an efficient and speedy delivery of the food packages. We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable and exceptional support given by Amistad Canada and Casita Linda.

How to Help

Feed the Hungry needs your help now more than ever to replenish inventories and keep this emergency response operation running. And to recover in time to resume school meals for nearly 5,000 children when schools reopen.

A USD$25 donation provides enough food for a family of five for two weeks. Please visit our donation page to make a US tax-deductible contribution. Or use PayPal to make MXP and USD donations. Canadians can support this campaign via AmistadCanada.org. For alternative donation methods, please email us at: contact@feedthehungrysma.org.

In-kind donations of food or supplies should be directed to Amigos al 100 or Corazones Unidos. These organizations are better suited to handle drop-offs of donated dry and canned goods.

Anyone interested in volunteering should also contact these organizations directly. Feed the Hungry San Miguel is currently relying on employees and volunteers provided by the city to carry out the handling and distribution of food packages.

How to Get Help

If you know of an individual or a family in need who is not represented in any of the communities we are serving, please contact:

•          For the elderly, contact DIF SMA via phone from 9am-4pm; call 415 152 3380.

•          For families, contact Amigos al 100 via WhatsApp. Send name, address, and reason why food is needed, to: 415 145 8800.

Thank you for your invaluable support during these challenging times. For inspiration, visit our Facebook page for updates, videos, and photos throughout the campaign