Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Online Service

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Online Service

“A Matter of Conviction”

Speaker Rev David Usher

Sun, May 3, 10:30am

Zoom link: zoom.us/j/414604040

Password: 294513


Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Online Service

By Joseph Plummer

The Unitarian Universalist mantra has long been that deeds not creeds provide the criteria for exercising ethical judgment. Today that injunction sounds like a conundrum in a world where the minimum distance for safe personal encounters has become six or more feet—with masked faces everywhere. Meaningful action translates more often into virtual interaction. Is it sufficient to confine a worldview to the Internet?

Zoom into this Sunday’s online service with lifelong Unitarian Rev David Usher. In the solitude of pandemic, he will ask what indeed are we doing in this world where every good deed feels removed from our fellows? In our situation, what deeds can fulfill the UU covenant?

Finding answers to those questions is a tough challenge when “the web of life” is infected by a virus that can kill you. One can strive to make one’s place of self-quarantine a “just and peaceful world,” especially if living with children. Must we limit our “search for truth and meaning” to Google?

Returning via Zoom to San Miguel de Allende and a UU Fellowship sequestered here and elsewhere, Rev Usher has spent much of his life becoming aware of the unfamiliar, first as a young “jackaroo” in the Australian Outback, then as a student at Oxford University, and, throughout his career as a minister in England, New Hampshire, and California. Now retired, he challenges audiences to look for meaning in extraordinary times and encourages listeners to seek inspiration wherever they find themselves.

Throughout Sunday’s service, Pianist Paula Peace will share music to celebrate commitment to the “web of life” and offer comfort during this time of isolation.

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Due to the arrival of COVID-19 to San Miguel, UUFSMA has indefinitely suspended Sunday services and other gatherings. We advise members and friends to follow the advice of reputable public health authorities, such as the US Centers for Disease Control and to contact our Affiliate Minister or Care Team for needed assistance. The UU Fellowship welcomes people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.