Community Voices in the Time of COVID-19

Community Voices in the Time of COVID-19

By Helen Rivas Rose, Hilary Toyryla, and Matthew Carroll

We live amid an event that is more stressful than most of us have ever experienced. This straight-from-hell coronavirus landed in the world seemingly out of nowhere. Confined in our homes, we don’t live our lives as usual. To make it worse, every time we turn on the media we learn about horrendous things happening to vulnerable people. We all need help and comfort.

The Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende is building a repository of individuals’ experiences with this pandemic. Tell us what you are doing that would be helpful to others during this difficult time. Send us a description of your life during the pandemic and we will share your story with other people. Submissions will be read at our Sunday service on May 31.

Helen says, “I feel closer to others. Each person’s uniqueness seems more important. Each person is special. I want to share with each person and keep him or her safe because I know we won’t make it alone. Sharing is everywhere. One person lent me a dog to keep me company for the duration of my sequestration. The virus is bringing back the faded concept of being helpful with one another.”

Hilary says, “So far, I haven’t ‘changed’ a great deal, except for not getting out as much. I’m comfortable in my home and with myself­–always have been. Nonetheless, isolation has made me stronger. How? I write more, I read as much as ever, I play with my cat more, and I pay meticulous attention to our 40 thriving plants­–not a dead leaf in sight, ever! I have not enhanced my (non) cooking skills! My biggest surprise has been that I can handle this. Going forward many months I may be in a different place and mind-set. Above all, I’m happy and at peace with myself.”

Matthew says, “We are living in a time where none of us has been before. A life so different from the life we knew. A view of the world never foreseen. A dream never dreamed. Will we remain agog, stupefied by horror, frozen by the unseen virus, or will this catastrophe open our eyes to see a better world? This is the year 2020. The numbers invite us to gain clarity in our lives, make us see where we, the people, are and where we should be. This ‘in your face’ time gives no quarter, no diversion, no excuse. The inequities of the world are not going away, nor will they be changed without loud, disruptive, demanding voices.”

Please email your work of 250 words or less to before Friday, May 8. You may include a photograph or illustration. Also, please know your work may be edited and will be shared with the public.