Provisions Made for Those Who Have to Work

By Jesús Aguado

The sanitary measures taken in San Miguel de Allende to halt the propagation of Covid-19 have left the city with no visitors, and as a consequence hotels, restaurants, spas, hot springs, cab drivers, and many other companies offering touristic services have closed. Federal Deputy Ricardo Villarreal came up with the idea of handing out 75 monthly packs of provisions for 75 San Miguel families. He invites Sanmiguelenses who have the possibilities to join him in this initiative and support a family with just US$11 a week.

“From now on I will donate my salary—75 thousand pesos a month—to support 75 families. The pack of provisions have a cost of 260 pesos a week, that makes a total of 1,040 pesos a month,” he told Atención. “We want to help those workers who have lost their jobs in construction, hotels, restaurants due to the pandemic. We want to offer this because the federal government has not been capable of offering financial support to small and medium sized companies that have had to close down and fire their staff or leave them in limbo since they cannot pay them. Today we want to support those workers with no employment, so they can endure these hard times.”

Do you know somebody in need?

Those in need of provisions should call to the deputy’s office. They will be asked for information such as their prior place of work, if the employment is lost or postponed, and their employer’s phone number “to corroborate the information provided.” In addition, the person seeking aid should be the head of the household.

Teaming Up

Ricardo Villarreal assured us that this is a citizen’s initiative, and that with 1,040 pesos contributed a month everyone can team up to support a family for a month. “Until now, several members of the private sector are teaming up with us, as well as city attorney Verónica Agundis.” Those willing to help should contribute 260 pesos that will be turned into provisions bought from local distributors further adding support to the San Miguel economy. The provisions will be delivered to the families.

“This will help those who make San Miguel The Best City in the world endure this situation. When we return to normal, they will be able to reconstruct our city,” he said. He criticized the lack of support from the federal government, as well as the lack of employment insurance provided.

Politicians have been criticized on social media. They go knocking on people’s doors when they need a vote, but during this pandemic no one has showed up to offer support. Ricardo Villarreal said, “I am doing what I am should be doing. I am donating my salary to those in need and my duty is to stay home. That is currently the work of the Secretary of Health, and in Guanajuato we are doing a great job.” He further remarked that he is not making this donation to have a picture taken with those most in need, but to benefit the citizens who make up his party. The majority from other parties, he claims, blocks such initiatives.

To request provisions, or team up in the project, call 415 688 1537, or send a message to

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