From the Red Cross to all Our Friends

By Jesús Aguado

We are pleased with this opportunity to say hello, and we hope that you are all well. Some of you are in self-isolation, and for those of you who are not able to stay in your home, we hope that you are taking every precaution to take care of yourselves.

We are living in a situation that we are sure will teach us many lessons, and we choose to focus on the positive and encourage exercise and self-care so you can be impacted as little as possible by the pandemic.

This is the time of year when the Red Cross collection occurs throughout the country. This year, however, the standard fund-raising methods are not possible, and it’s important that we devise new ways to raise funds so the Red Cross can continue to provide free pre-hospital services in medical emergencies.
With this in mind, we have created a virtual fund-raising campaign we want to tell you about and urge you, as friends of the Red Cross, to contribute.

There are several options for donating so that each person can choose the one that is most convenient. Every donation counts, both large and small!


  1. OPTION #1: USD$100 or 2,300 pesos (You may, of course, choose to give multiples of this amount to help us reach our goal more quickly.)
  2. OPTION #2: USD$50 or 1,150 pesos
  3. OPTION #3: USD$20 or 450 pesos
  4. OPTION #4: 150 pesos. It all adds up!
  5. OPTION #5: 20 pesos. Every peso counts!


Your donations can be made from the convenience of your home via PayPal: or by electronic transfer to Banorte account: 0496479865 Password: 072240004964798653.

Thank you for helping us help to help you! It is thanks to you that we exist and continue to operate and provide a lifeline for our community!


The Red Cross Team

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