Bring Light to What Plagues Us

Bring Light to What Plagues Us



Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Online Service
“What Plagues Us? What Liberates Us?”
Speaker: Judith Jenya
Sun, Apr 19, 10:30 am
Zoom link:
Password: 294513

By Joseph Plummer

Judith Jenya, speaker for this Sunday’s service, will reframe the traditional questions of Passover and ask, “What Plagues Us and What Liberates Us?” Expanding on these timely queries, she will offer an opportunity to reflect on what it means to live with the COVID-19 “plague” and other life-threatening plights. From the shadow engulfing our lives today, she will offer insights for freeing oneself from the scourge it represents.

Passover celebrates the passage of the Jews to Israel after hundreds of years of slavery in Egypt. This foundational story of the Jewish people, found in the Book of Exodus, is retold every April during the Passover Seder, the ritual meal beginning the Passover celebration. Recounting events some 3,000 years ago, Passover has offered a story of freedom and liberation for not only Jewish people but also other oppressed groups as well, including African slaves brought in shackles to the Americas. Today the Passover story continues to raise questions such as “What constricts our lives? What plagues us now? What steps will liberate us?”

In the Haggadah, the traditional telling of the Exodus story, God sends ten plagues, including darkness, to harass Egyptians and persuade the Pharaoh to free the Israelites. “Today the entire world appears to experience darkness in widespread lack of information, fears of COVID-19 infection, absence of coherent leadership, and the necessity of self-isolation,” says Ms. Jenya. To dispel it, she proposes enlightenment drawn from the Passover celebration of renewal and rebirth.

Judith Jenya is a member of the UU Fellowship and the Jewish community of San Miguel. An attorney, psychotherapist, and educator, she was named International Humanist of the Year in 2002, nominated for the Nobel Peace prize for work as founder-director of Global Children’s Organization and programs for children in the war-torn Balkans and Northern Ireland. She lives with her husband Mark Johanningmeier in San Miguel, writes poetry, paints and is active in community work.

Pianist Paula Peace will perform traditional and modern songs including “Go Down Moses,” “Eli Eli,” and “Lean On Me.”

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