Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Online Service

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Online Service

“Affirming and Defending Democracy: A Religious Principle”
Rev Tom Rosiello
Sun, March 22, 10:30am

Today in the US and elsewhere, the democratic process is under attack. Voter suppression efforts are in full swing. Foreign nations interfere in the electoral process. Billionaire candidates and multinational corporations try to buy elections and unduly influence legislative processes. Many people see these attacks as a political problem. Even so, these intrusive factors represent a more fundamental violation of values, principles, and beliefs that are essentially religious in nature.

In this Sunday’s service, Rev Tom Rosiello, Affiliate Minister of San Miguel’s UU

Fellowship will focus on those essential principles as millions of voters line up to cast ballots during this historic election year. “Democracy is not a virtue that stands alone,” he says.

“Unitarian Universalists and believers in other faith traditions need to understand the underlying theological and moral issues that require us to affirm, promote and protect democratic processes in our churches and government.”

Rosiello will explore how voters can affirm and promote the use of the democratic process by thinking beyond self-interest and affirming political outcomes that are generous, loving and kind. “A healthy democracy requires a kind of personal integrity, compassion and commitment to the good of others that is shaped by religious teaching. The potential harshness of ‘majority will’ must be tempered with many other values and principles that religion teaches.”

He will focus on the inherent equality of all human beings as an essential concept in most religions, which teaches us that everyone’s voice and vote should carry equal weight. “Many religions embody moral principles that underpin this idea of democracy,” he says. “However, Unitarian Universalism goes a step further. Unitarian Universalists explicitly affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of a democratic process within our congregation and our society at large.”

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