“Spring Equinox Concert 2020”

“Spring Equinox Concert 2020”


“Spring Equinox Concert 2020”

Flower and Song: From Pre-Hispanic Instruments to Contemporary Jazz
Christopher Garcia Ensemble, Salomon Maawad, and David Barrera
Sat, Mar 21, 5:30pm
El Charco del Ingenio canyon
General admission: 250 pesos
Members: 200 pesos
Tickets on sale at Camino Silvestre Stores and Botanical Garden
Info: 415 154 4715

By Cesar Arias

Every year, this musical event takes place in El Charco’s canyon, an amazing natural space, carved by nature in stone over time immemorial. Since its inception, this concert has been a collective celebration of life with ever growing and enthusiastic audiences and is always a presentation of artists and groups of very high quality and varied musical expressions.

This year’s celebration of the Earth in the Botanical Garden will feature special guest Christopher Garcia, a master musician with a long career. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Garcia is coming to San Miguel de Allende to perform at this Spring Equinox concert of 2020. Performer, composer, improviser, and educator, Garcia has devoted years of his career to learning about the pre-Columbian instruments of Mexico and percussion from various parts of the world. He has performed in an eclectic variety of musical settings with a vast array of musical artists ranging from jazz, rock, indigenous, chamber and symphonic music, and world music and has orchestrated over 1,200 performances in 28 countries on 5 continents.

Garcia will be accompanied by his vocalist daughter, Alegria, and with renowned performers Salomón Maawad (saxophone) and David Barrera (double bass.) The concert will be derived from the deep sounds of the Earth and from the chords and rhythms of contemporary jazz in the unique setting of El Charco canyon in celebration of the renewal of life that occurs in spring.

We remind the public that smoking and bringing food is not allowed in the Botanical Garden. We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes and the use of sunscreen.

Concertgoers may enter at 4:30pm.

Prior to the concert, at 3:30pm, there will be a Spring Equinox ceremony at the Plaza of the Four Winds in the Botanical Garden under the direction of Alicia Mayo.