“My Soul Through Music and Paintings”

“My Soul Through Music and Paintings”


David Mendoza presents:
“My Soul Through Music and Paintings”
Thu, Apr 2, 5:30pm
Teatro Ángela Peralta
Mesones 82, Centro
500, 400, and 300 pesos

By Sharon McAuley

David Mendoza was born to make music. When he picks up the violin and begins to play and a great yearning rises within the listener that suspends time and expands space. Mendoza’s music opens a portal to other worlds where passion, empowerment, communion, freedom and, ultimately, peace converge.

Growing up in a family of musicians, Mendoza’s extraordinary musical gifts were recognized and nurtured. By age 6, he was playing violin and piano, and by age 13, drums. Now, he moves comfortably between several instruments and music genres including rock, jazz, tango, classical, New Age, and French.

Mendoza’s dream for his future cannot be separated from the cosmic images his compositions continually reveal to him. Earth, air, fire, and water are part of an infinite universe that finds their way into his music. Michael Hoppé, a prominent Grammy nominated musician, praised Mendoza saying, “His wonderfully expressive violin playing is … quite simply one of the most beautiful sounds one can hear.”

The distinct and varied moods, strong rhythms, and combinations of instrumentation, dark, driving, playful, troubling, fearful, delivering, uplifting, radiant, and serene are experienced. His live performances resonate with one’s own artistic creation and stimulate a desire to connect with his music. The soaring sounds of Mendoza’s violin have been synchronized with the images of Ellie Harold’s oil paintings. The two artist’s collaboration is called, “Birds Fly In.” The music and the paintings share an animated existence extending beyond the canvas and musical notes to bring together the wildly disparate elements of life in a tension that is transformed into energy—the energy of regeneration. We, the listeners find ourselves, like birds in flight, supported and propelled forward.

There are gifts of transcendent beauty in everyday life, but there are also uncommon, life-changing moments offered by prophetic artists that speak powerfully to this moment. Mendoza’s complex and pure compositions pared with Harold’s exquisite and intuitive oil paintings create an intimate, transformative experience. This is the place where global healing begins. Mexican musicians Carlos Vargas, piano; Alberto Robledo, clarinet; Juan José Cerdenéta, drums; Sergio Carrillo, double bass; and the wonderful Colombian composer and singer Isabel Zuleta will be featured in the concert. Come and let your imagination take flight!