Wolfie Latona’s New Life

Wolfie Latona’s New Life

By Kay Latona

Apache, our two-year-old previously adopted Doberman, needed a dog friend. He had a big yard to play in, and the gardeners for outdoor human friends, but they had work to do. And they couldn’t run fast enough.

Naturally we went to the SPA. Apache is 28 inches tall, so we were looking for a tall dog who could keep up with him. The tallest there was what looked like a greyhound and German shepherd cross, a mix called a “lurcher.” His name was Tucker. He was tall, lean and looked like he could run.

We took Apache to meet Tucker on the street outside the SPA. They weren’t friendly with each other, but they didn’t growl and snarl either. We arranged to adopt Tucker and took Apache home alone.

We picked Tucker up two days later. We have a gate between the front and back yards, so we put him in the front yard and kept Apache in the backyard where he could access the house through hanging screens and the dog door. We kept Tucker in the front yard for three days and nights. He slept under the carport on a dog bed.

When we brought him into the house and backyard, he looked appropriately cowed, head down and tail hanging. Shy, he had to be coaxed through the hanging screens. He preferred to sleep in the breezeway, two feet from where he’d slept in the carport.

We renamed Tucker “Wolfie.” He deferred to Apache. Apache ignored him. We wondered if we’d chosen the right dog.

Within three weeks, they were fast friends. They ran back and forth between the house and the back gate. There was a lot of mock fighting. Chew toys got a double workout. After 10 months, if one goes to the vet, the other is uneasy until he returns home.

Wolfie was definitely the right dog. Both he and Apache sleep in the living room during the day within five feet of each other. At night, they sleep in the living room or the courtyard. Wolfie has yet to go through the dog door.

We’re happy we were patient and gave Wolfie the chance to adapt to his new surroundings. The SPA is located as Los Pinos 7, 415 152 6124. Adoption hours are 11am–2pm, Monday–Saturday. We hope you give an SPA dog the opportunity to become part of your family.