Welcome Spring at Charco del Ingenio

Welcome Spring at Charco del Ingenio


Concierto de primavera/Spring Concert
Charco del Ingenio
Sun, Mar 21, 4:30pm
Tickets at the box office, 250 pesos

By Jesús Aguado

In this country we all know that March is crazy: it bids farewell to winter and welcomes the spring when music emerges from the earth, particularly from the deep ravine of the Charco del Ingenio. The happy spirit of the month blooms from the people who attend the annual concert at the Charco, and the warm rocks and sounds in the natural settings recharge their souls.

El Charco del Ingenio—our natural reserve—is preparing to turn 30 years old in 2021. In the meantime, we can enjoy the ravine as old as time, made accessible to the public in 1998 at this 60 hector reserve. Musicians with knowledge of acoustics took advantage of the space and the next year decided to hold a concert with no electricity or amplifiers. Since then, the rhythms have gone from huapango to jazz; flute to sax; and from pre-Hispanic to symphonic.

Every year, spring is welcomed with music at the Charco, and this year the organization will feature Christopher García, who according to César Arias (president of the Charco), is a composer, writer, musical improviser, and educator. He will bring his music from pre-Columbian instruments and will make a journey through the music of the world. His sound travels from rock to jazz, and from folklore to chamber music.

García will be accompanied by his daughter, the singer Alegría. The concert will begin with the earth songs and progress to chords and rhythms from contemporary jazz accompanied by the sax of Salomon Mawaad and the bass of David Barrera.

The Charco personnel remind the public that alcoholic beverages, food, and smoking are forbidden in the reserve. They recommend the use of sunscreen and comfortable shoes.