Jóvenes Adelante Applications Soar

Jóvenes Adelante Applications Soar





By Don Krim

Jóvenes Adelante received 269 applications for its incoming 2020 class, doubling the number of applicants from the past two years. The rigorous review of these applications has begun and already we can see some patterns: Students already in their first year of university realize their financial needs and seek help; twice as many high school students applied as last year; more women applied this year; and the number of communities from which we received applications stretched to 39.

While JA averages 25 students a year, last year it admitted 28. This year in response to demand the goal is being stretched to 30 and 5 high school seniors will enter a new preparatoria (high school) pilot program.

Jóvenes Adelante unlocks a radically more expansive future for the youth of San Miguel de Allende by easing financial barriers to higher education, and by developing life and leadership skills. Key to the program are one-on-one mentors. Currently 76 mentors serve our 89 students and we have 40 mentor candidates for the incoming class.

These financial doors can only be opened by our generous supporters and sponsors. The goal is now 30 sponsors for 30 students and as JA never takes a student without a commitment from a sponsor. Now is the time to consider supporting one of these 269 applicants! We accept full and half sponsorships. A full sponsorship commitment is US$8,000 or $10,500 Canadian, which covers all of our support for one student’s educational career, up to 5 years including professional credentials. It is the most comprehensive educational support package available in Mexico. The numbers speak for themselves: the graduation rate in San Miguel and all of Mexico is 26 percent and JA’s is approximately 85 percent.

For more information please visit website www.jovenesadelante.org