Festival of Jewish Writers from San Miguel de Allende

Festival of Jewish Writers from San Miguel de Allende



“Festival of Jewish Writers from San Miguel de Allende”
Fri, Mar 20, 3-5pm
Jewish Cultural and Community
Las Moras 47, Centro
100 pesos for members
150 pesos nonmembers.

By Judith Jenya

The Festival of Jewish Writers has been held annually for 12 years. This year seven local writers will read from their work. Join us on March 20, 3-5pm. at the JC3 (Jewish Community and Cultural Center) at Calle Las Moras 47 at the corner of Calle Cinco de Mayo.

The presenters are:

Bea Aaronson is familiar to many for her art lecture series. She is a writer, poet, painter, actor, model, and speaker. She was born in France and has lived in Israel, South Africa, and the US before moving to Mexico.

She will read her short story “Hanka and the Secret Closet”, and two poems.

Bernie Beck is a native of New York City and New Jersey. Bernie attended religious school before enrolling at City College of Manhattan. Since retiring Bernie spends much of his time writing. He has published four books that focus on his Jewish heritage. He will read his short story, “In the Beginning.”

Irene Diamant had a Theatre Company,”Live Theatre” for 28 years in New York City where she wrote and directed plays. Since moving to San Miguel she has written “The Adventures of Pantuflas,” a children’s book made for story theater. The book is about a lost dog and was written to teach children how to love and care for animals. Irene has been a steadfast volunteer at the SPA for 15 years.

Irene will read from a work in progress.

Janet Dunnott is a Canadian who has written a memoir titled The Dwindling about being a caretaker for her mother’s end of life journey. She will read from a new memoir in progress that deals with her having Gaucher’s disease, a Jewish genetic disorder. She is, as far as she knows, not Jewish. Or is she?

Larry Dworsky came to San Miguel from Chicago. He is a retired electrical engineer and has written numerous technical books, journals, and papers and holds 39 US patents. He will read from a personal essay.

Judith Jenya is a writer, poet, painter, and activist. She gives talks on Jewish topics and often is a keynote speaker. She has a bilingual book of poetry, Aromas de dos Pueblos and is in several anthologies. She will read from a memoir in progress based on her work with children of war, that is tentatively titled, Judith’s Basket.

Lorena Wolman is a bilingual poet, dancer, arts activist, and expressive art therapist living in Mineral de Pozos. She creates and leads workshops in the arts in Pozos and neighboring towns. She has published 3 collections of her poetry. She will read poems from her books.

There’ will be time for discussion and questions at the end of the readings and some authors will have their books available for sale

100 pesos at the door for members, 150 pesos nonmembers. Everyone is welcome!