Bell Art, An Innovative String Quartet

Bell Art, An Innovative String Quartet

An Innovative String Quartet
By Bell Art
Sun, Mar 15, 12:30pm
Miguel Malo Auditorium, Bellas Artes
Hernández Macías 75, Centro

By Tim Hazell

Bell Art has been an innovative string quartet since its inception in 2012. One of its objectives has been to strive for the integration of musicians and audience through activities linked to music and other arts-related disciplines. The ensemble was awarded the National Arts and Culture Award in the city of Monterrey in March 2018.

Two of the members, violist Alejandra Cruz Pérez and Christopher Morales Guaneros, are part of our larger orchestra and will be joined by colleagues violinists Beatriz Olvera Contreras and cellist Luis Guillermo Martinéz Jimenéz for a spring concert on Sunday, March 15, 12:30 pm in the historic Miguel Malo Auditorium on the Bellas Artes second floor.

Their exciting music program will include Mexican composers, as well as Latin American and European contemporary and classical era masterworks.

One such composer, Manuel María Ponce (1882–1948), born in Zacatecas, Mexico, was a close friend of guitarist Andres Segovia and wrote almost exclusively for him. His other works include orchestral, chamber music, and popular songs.

The concept of musical instruments as a rapport between objects representing art, the science of acoustics, engineering, and relationships with the human body is not new. Musicologists speak of corporal origins and, in the words of André Schaeffner, define this as “musiques corporelles” (bodily musics). Musicians gravitate to instruments that conform to their own physiognomy and are comfortably melded to their anatomical characteristics. Tactile and subliminal associations play major roles in choices of form and decoration when it comes to instruments of preference.

The Bell Art Quartet has interests that cross boundaries between their commitments to chamber music, their pursuit of excellence as interpreters and their fascination with performing arts in general. They are educators who constantly try to balance their love and commitment to their professional careers with a desire to communicate more than just a well-rendered version of a masterwork. When the audience experience is personal, invoking memories and experiences from each individual, these young talents feel they have accomplished their goals as effective concert artists.

As we experience sensations while listening to music or holding and playing a musical instrument, we return to our organic, primal, and pre-scientific beginnings. Our own bodies transform our reactions to music in a very subjective way.

At its most provocative, modern chamber music is volatile. We empathize with a passion that runs the gamut of emotions. The virtuosity of a youthful ensemble such as Bell Art is never a passive listening experience!

To encourage all ages to attend there will be no admissions charge. However, because these Alternative Sunday recitals will depend on public support, voluntary donations of any amount are gratefully accepted.

Please join our Bell Art Quartet for an exciting midday spring concert tribute to Mexican and European chamber music Sunday, March 15, in the Miguel Malo Auditorium at beautiful Bellas Artes!