Among Dogs and Cats

Among Dogs and Cats

Art Opening
“Among Dogs and Cats”
Work by Ángel Pahuamba
Sat, Mar 14, 6-8pm
Galería Casa Diana
Recreo 49, Centro

By Carmen Gutiérrez

Galería Casa Diana will be hosting an opening cocktail Saturday March 14, presenting the recent work by the very talented artist from Michoacán, Ángel Pahuamba, along with the permanent work of internationally renowned painter, sculptor, and furniture designer Pedro Friedeberg. Armour jewelry will continue on display along with Diana Friedeberg’s collages and resins and work by Raymundo González, Rodrigo Orozco, and Carmen Gutiérrez.

In describing his exhibition “Among Dogs and Cats” Pahuamba says, “I remember when I was a child at home there was always a dog and a cat, they were part of our family. As with every natural order they also played a role at home, the job of being the guardians. When father went to the country the dog went with him, or even when we went to school on several occasions he would accompany me to the door of the school and afterwards would return home. These were not luxury dogs a Dutch friend once said. When I grew up I came to know the word pet as a capitalist concept that makes it possible to buy or sell animals in stores generating consumption. Thanks to my wife we have a small dog as a pet, but I didn’t have to buy her in a shop. She is not an elegant purebred, but she is very loving. I consider myself fortunate because I have learned much from the environment where I was born, and from my immediate surroundings. I am the result of these experiences. 

Once my mother scolded us and said we were fighting like cats and dogs. Then I didn’t understand what she meant, but later watching a cartoon I understood my mother’s words. Now I use these phrases and images to make analogies to our current society. Such is the case of one painting entitled ‘Like Dogs and Cats.’ There are many happy memories full of laughter. My smaller sisters always had a unique and incomparable ability in naming our dogs and cats. Also, they would mount them in their bikes and would go for a ride with them and would tie some fabric to their backs so they could fly. Or there were the famous ‘radioactive cats.’ These scenes and nicknames given to cats and dogs are now part of this body of work.”

This series of work is composed of 17 paintings of varied sizes that show us different facets in the life of our dogs and cats, our best friends that are there without asking anything in return, and nevertheless, they fill the coffers of our memories, personal and collective.