A Gallery Exhibit Features the Semi-Abstract Work of Two Canadian Photographers

A Gallery Exhibit Features the Semi-Abstract Work of Two Canadian Photographers


Photography Exhibit
Work by Tanya Murchie and Chuck Rubin
Thu, Mar 19, 7pm
Hernández Macías 125, Centro

By Fredric Dannen

Canadian artists have played a key role in San Miguel de Allende’s creative life ever since the 1950s, when the landscape painter Leonard Brooks, among others, helped to turn the city’s nascent art colony into an international phenomenon.

Now, two Canadian born photographers living in San Miguel, Tanya Murchie and Chuck Rubin, are opening a gallery exhibit of their work on Thursday, March 19. All photos on display will be for sale, and proceeds will benefit Patronato Pro Niños, a nonprofit organization that provides medical, dental, psychological and nutritional care for children and adolescents from economically disadvantaged families.

The location of the exhibit is Hernández Macías 125, and the opening night reception is at 7pm and will remain on display for a week or more.

The photos in the exhibit were taken in San Miguel, and some objects or locations may be recognizable to residents, but various elements of motion and perspective add an aspect of abstraction to each photo.

Photographers Murchie and Rubin agree on what most attracts them to San Miguel. “It’s the light that inspires me,” Rubin says. “The light in San Miguel has unique properties that combine with the colors.” “The amazing light,” Murchie says. “Golden, warm, and rich.”

Rubin has been taking photographs since he was an adolescent, but until he moved to San Miguel over a decade ago, he was a radio producer and a director of television and theater. He has maintained his connection to theater in San Miguel by designing and building sets, and occasionally, directing and acting. “I’ve always led a creative life,” he says, but in the past he was in charge of a team and “leading them towards a final end goal.” Now, as a photographer, he adds, “I work alone.”

While he and Murchie do not work together, the two Canadian expatriates inspire one another. “Tanya and I are best photo buds,” Rubin says. “We send each other a photo a day” by email. “And because we have so much respect for the others’ talents and forms of expression, these daily submissions are a challenge.”