Thing to do in San Miguel in March

Thing to do in San Miguel in March

By Breyton Méndez


On March 13, at the Plaza Civica at 6:30pm, there will be a performance by Los Musicantes. This is an open-air show featuring puppets, music, and song brought with the purpose of bringing art to common spaces. The idea is to create a common space for this gathering to sow feelings of peace and unity.

The group La Quinta Teatro will have a fireworks display and will feature poetry readings addressing universal human themes.  Actors with colorful costumes will play musical instruments and sing songs of celebration of life, love, and death dedicated to the residents of San Miguel.

Circo de Bolsillo (Pocket Circus)

On the following day, March 14, at 6pm at Parque Zeferino Gutiérrez, a performance of the Pocket Circus will be presented by Estrouberry Clowns. Charming clowns will enchant and entertain the public. This will be done through a performance which will meld physical comedy and circus acts. Children and adults will be delighted with the spectacular world of circus and the amusing art of the clowns.  

The Earth is Blue like an Orange

You should not miss the performance coming to Angela Peralta Theater on March 15 at 5pm. The Earth is Blue like an Orange was written by Francois Durègne and is a delirious comedy, both fantastic and poetic, filled with magical poems, comic acts, music, and technical challenges. The entire play is a representation of the main character’s dream.  Within the chaos depicted on stage there is an underlying logic—the hunters portrayed have a mission that they need Henri, the protagonist, to complete.

Spring Parade of the Alebrijes

Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art figures depicting fantastic and mythical creatures. On March 21, at 5pm, this special spring parade, featuring alebrijes, will begin at Calzada de la Aurora and then continue along Hidalgo, Insurgentes, Pepe Llanos, Mesones, Juárez, and San Francisco. The parade will turn at the Jardín, continue along Correo to Recreo, and will end in Parque Juárez. Spectators will have a chance to see some monumental alebrijes up to two or three meters high. When the parade ends, the alebrijes will be displayed at different points throughout San Miguel de Allende.