The Bell Art Quartet Celebrates Our Roots

The Bell Art Quartet Celebrates Our Roots

The Bell Art Quartet
Sun, Mar 15, 12:30pm
Miguel Malo Auditorium
Bellas Artes

By Tim Hazell

Many of you have attended and enjoyed our Pro Musica Youth Chamber Orchestra’s energetic performances of classical music, Sundays at Bellas Artes Centro Cultural “El Nigromante.” Worthy of note is that the chamber orchestra has also served as the vehicle to bring like-minded musicians together who have formed their own duos, trios, quartets, and quintets.

These smaller ensembles are now featured in their own “Alternative Sunday” concerts, with an upcoming performance by Querétaro’s Bell Art Quartet. Two of the members, violist Alejandra Cruz Pérez and Christopher Morales Guaneros are part of our larger orchestra and will be joined by colleagues violinist Beatriz Olvera Contreras and cellist Luis Guillermo Martinéz Jimenéz for a special concert on Sunday, March 15, 12:30pm, in the historic Miguel Malo Auditorium on the Bellas Artes second floor.

Their exciting music program, celebrating “Our Roots,” will include Mexican composers, as well as Latin American and European contemporary and classical era masterworks.

The Bell Art Quartet, graduates of the UAQ School of Fine Arts and the conservatory Guadalupe Velázquez, was inaugurated in 2012. Part of its objectives remains the integration of musician and spectator. Bell Art presents music that falls within the European tradition of classical music but its members are leading proponents of Mexican and Latin American works as well, with authors such as Manuel M. Ponce, José Pablo Moncayo, and Silvestre Revueltas. The ensemble was awarded the National Arts and Culture Award in the city of Monterrey in March 2018.

The Classical era and flowering of the Romantics changed the face of Western society. Franz Schubert’s personality and style exemplified the Romantic ideal. Later Expressionist composers such as Schoenberg and Paul Hindemith took chamber music into uncharted territory. Trios and quartets provided the perfect medium for expressive sonic palettes.

Compact size and close proximity to the audience bring eye contact and body language closer. An intimate concert of great ensemble playing elicits chemistry that can only come from a synthesis of performer and spectator. Audiences and musicians are set adrift in private gardens of reverie.

At its most provocative, modern chamber music is volatile. We empathize with a passion that runs the gamut of emotions. The virtuosity of a youthful ensemble such as Bell Art is never a passive listening experience!

To encourage all ages to attend, there will be no admissions charge. However, because these “Alternative Sunday” recitals depend on public support, voluntary donations of any amount are gratefully accepted.

Please join our popular Bell Art Quartet for an exciting midday concert tribute to Mexican and European chamber music Sunday, March 15, in the Miguel Malo Auditorium at beautiful Bellas Artes!