Staying Healthy in SMA

Staying Healthy in SMA


Rotary Presentation
Staying Healthy in SMA
By Deborah Bickell
Los Arcos
Stirling Dickinson 28

By Skip Essick

How is that New Year’s resolution going so far? We are two months into the new year already, and many people have taken the important steps to a healthier lifestyle, but some may still be struggling. The Midday Rotary Club of San Miguel de Allende welcomes Deborah Bickel, an international health worker and the founder of BeWellSanMiguel patient advocacy services. Deborah will discuss ways you can get on the road to better health and stay on that road.

Anyone who has been following the news recently is aware of the many bad things lurking out there that are ready to invade your body. The current coronavirus pandemic has many people concerned. Medical experts say that once someone gets the coronavirus and recovers, there’s a chance they could get it again. So far, more than 75,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus, mostly in China. Many people in the greater San Miguel municipality have contracted the good old flu. Have you received your flu shot? The new diet sensation you may have heard about is called intermittent fasting. Is this a diet or a lifestyle adjustment? Does it really help a person lose weight and, more importantly, is it good for you? As a health advocate, Deborah will provide valuable information about these and other health concerns.

Bickell is a graduate of the Stanford University Physician Assistant program and earned a master’s degree in public health from the University of California at Berkeley. She taught medicine at Stanford and managed a private clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please join us for this interesting and informative presentation by one of San Miguel’s prominent health experts on Tuesday, March 10, as the Midday Rotary Club presents Staying Well in SMA with Deborah Bickell. Our meeting begins promptly at 9:30am at Los Arcos on Stirling Dickinson 28.

February is Women’s Empowerment Month at the Midday Rotary Club. Throughout this month, we are featuring interesting and compelling speakers who showcase dynamic women in our community.

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