Martin, a Symbol of Hope

Martin, a Symbol of Hope


By Jayn Corral

In his 11th year, Martin is beloved and has touched people from all around the world. During that time, he has grown along with the SPA and witnessed many changes and improvements. He loves his SPA home and lets all the other cats know that he is the patriarch.

Martin was adopted early on in his life, but he found the experience so traumatic that he returned to his home and friends at the SPA. Now, he decides what people and cats he allows into his world. It is considered a privilege to be accepted by him. It is an even greater privilege to have him sit on your lap.

Several years ago, Martin met Taiwan, the love of his life. She is a petite, all black beauty while Martin is a big, gray and white gentleman. They sleep, eat, and play together and defend each other against possible dangers. He and his much younger girlfriend are inseparable. 

A couple of times in the past, Martin had some major health issues that caused the staff and volunteers much consternation. Rather than admit defeat, we worked together to give him the best medicine and treatment to bring him back to health.

It worked! It has been nearly two years now, and he has completely recovered. It brings us great joy to know that he is living a comfortable, happy, and healthy life. He loves to greet visitors, eat treats, play with his friends and toys, and, of course, spend time with Taiwan.

Martin’s story is possible because the SPA is the only no-kill shelter for cats and dogs in San Miguel de Allende. When cats and dogs are taken into the shelter, they are given the best care and love possible until they are adopted into their forever families, no matter how long it takes, if at all. Martin exemplifies the SPA’s commitment to the animals we oversee.

As a no-kill shelter, the SPA is often full and unable to accept new animals until adoptions create space for them. When you adopt from the SPA, you save two lives–that of the animal you adopt and the one for whom space has now been made available. If you rescue an animal, we’ll try to help. If we’re full, we will place you on our waiting list or come up with other suggestions. For more information, see our website, call us at, 415 152 6124, visit us, or become a SPA volunteer. Adoption, volunteer, and visitation hours are Monday-Saturday, 11am-2pm, Los Pinos 7.