Get ready for the night.

Get ready for the night.


Los Otros Concert Series
Sun, Mar 8, 6pm
Paprika Restaurante
Ancha de San Antonio 9A
415 152 4373

By Pablo Alejandro Malagón Gallegos

As we’ve always known, in San Miguel we have from time to time shows or concerts we cannot miss for the world. That comes as the result of witnessing such great talent in such a small town. If you’ve ever been in any of “Los Otros” shows you know this is one of those times.

To share passion and skill with the world in a musical way is an amazing endeavor, one that these guys love very very much.

Once again, “Los Otros” will be joining us at Paprika with their hearts full of emotion and their feet ready to dance. The band is formed by four experienced musicians who just can’t get enough, they are always looking for more ways to be close to people doing what they love.

The band’s drummer, Rick Schlosser, was on the live scene the original drummer with “Edgar Winter’s White Trash Band” and went on to tour with Boz Scaggs, James Taylor, Melissa Manchester, Van Morrison, among others. In addition, Rick also played live with Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown, Little Feat, and many more.

Rick’s impressive career started in third grade with an affinity for tap dancing, which was rapidly followed by trumpet and drum lessons. When a six-grade skating accident knocked out a few of his teeth and put the kibosh on future trumpeting, drums won out. After playing drums in his high school band, Classical Senior High School, in Springfield MA, Rick attended Berklee School of Music (1967-1970)

So far we have talked about two of the members of this awesome band, and today, it’s time to meet Bill.

Bill Kavanagh recently relocated with Maria, his wife of 45 years, from Chicago to SMA in late 2019. He spent decades as a mainstay of the rock, singer-songwriter and folks scenes, where he played bass guitar and sang with numerous local artists and bands, while occasionally doing solo shows or fronting his own band playing guitar and singing.

Bill was one of millions who took up guitar as a result of The Beatles’ thunderous impact on popular music in the early 1960s and that impact can be readily heard in his original songs. After a Christmas gift of an inexpensive acoustic guitar to his brother went untouched, the then 11 year old Bill claimed it and proceeded to teach himself how to play it.

Eighth grade graduation brought the gift of an electric bass guitar and an amplifier. Within months Bill was jamming with new-found, like-minded friends. A decades-long string of bands followed.

After decades of sporadically running sound for Chicago area bands, in early 2002 Bill finished construction of his own digital audio recording, mixing and mastering studio and began taking customers in what had started as an attempt to record his bandmates. When BobDog Studios closed in 2019, about 75 albums had been released by various local artists and bands.